Suosituimmat yhteislaulukappaleet ovat useimmiten ikivihreitä

In Finland, your singing tradition is not as loud as our neighboring country in Sweden, where Skansen’s singles Allsång på Skansen gather thousands of eager singers in the summer. Finnish tourists are also looking forward to visiting our neighbor in the capital of the city. In the past years, the Finnish-like tradition was represented by musicians-MP Mikko Alatalo on the Tammerkoski Bridge. These evenings are no longer seen on television today, but this summer they will make a comeback at the Tampere event in July. Of course there is no need for a television program for singing, but can sing at any time in the group!

The most popular compositions are most often evergreen scenes for decades. Such legendary songs such as Satuma, Golden Youth and Blue and White are likely to be included in almost every single console, but in the future, as young people as ever, more and more new ones are believed to be included in the concert halls. Perhaps twenty years later, in the concert halls, Despacito or Robin Onnellisia will be taken care of, or even hit at Cheek’s pace. However, in this article, we came up with a few clutches of traditional singing, with which at least we can not go any big crowd.

Traditional phonograms

In 2000, Mikko Alatalo released the most popular songs, the most popular songs recorded on the Tammerkoski Bridge. When the songs in this album catch the joint list, no choice can certainly go wrong. The most classic and oldest of the songs on the album are Golden Youth, Satumaa, Päivänsäde and Ginkgo. These songs are already so deep into the Finnish world of emotions that no good singing can be achieved without the singing of these songs. The tracks work for both young and old.

If we go a little ahead of time, some cool compositions from Alatalo’s album can also be found in the artists of recent years. The sure choice for the concert is always J. Karjalainen’s Heroes, which will certainly bring to the eyes of at least a small drop after the 1995 Ice Hockey World Championships. The song is still included in the music books of the upper and lower secondary schools, so the song is familiar with both old and young. In addition to J. Karjalainen, Juice Leskinen’s whole production is well suited for joint singing, and especially popular is Leskinen’s Fifteenth Night, the word of which many are in a sleep.

Badding and Irwin

Rauli Badding Somerjoki was one of the most memorable characters of Finnish rock. Badding also recorded such evergreen tracks as Paradise, Ships, Fliers and Planets, and Stars, stars. Of these songs, Paradise is, in particular, in the software of each of the concerts. In fact, it should be almost illegal to arrange a joint venture without Badding’s paradise! For the Finns a dear, deceased artist like Badding, is Irwin Goodman. Irwin’s production is often accompanied by songs No Drop Way and Rentun Rose, both of which touch hard Finns.

The more recent heirs of Irwin and Badding are already mentioned by Juice Leskinen and J. Karjalainen. Popular composite songs are also found on the production of Mikko Alatalo’s master of the program, Tammerkoski’s Bridge. In Alatalo’s production, the easiest part to play is the role of the companion girls, even though Girls want to have fun and a country boy. There was also a severe alcoholism in the production of Alatalo. It is also a humorous second to the human being, which is also often performed in concert songs together with the singing song of the crayons. The lyrics of Heikki Salo’s Miljoonasade also work in concert halls. For example, a saloon’s production is known as a song called November.

Junnu Vainio

Juha ‘Junnu’ Vainio was one of the most legendary Finnish singer-songwriters ever. He was able to record 245 songs in his life and almost as many as 2,500 songs. From Junnu Vainio’s own production, there is a whole bunch of commonly-available material. The most famous of Vainio’s own songs are, of course, the Albatros, the old-timer cuddly, the go-ahead, the old smuggler Laitinen and Kotka’s son-in-law. If solo songs are just for humorous adults, you can find Juha “Watt” Vainio’s production also the songs of Pahoa poikit for a lighter night out.

Juha Vainion sanoittamia kappaleita on siis levytetty lähes 2 500 kappaletta. Tuosta materiaalista löytyy yhteislauluja aivan käsittämätön määrä. Vai mitä sanot seuraavista kappaleista: Kolmatta linjaa takaisin, Katson autiota hiekkarantaa, Tahdon olla sulle hellä, Rööperiin, Keskiyön aikaan, Viisitoista kesää tai Kuusamo. Niinpä! Todella legendaarisia kappaleita yhden ainoan miehen kynästä. Junnu Vainion kappaleet, joko hänen itse tekemänsä tai sanoittamansa, ovat takuuvarmaa yhteislauluiltojen vakiotavaraa, ja ne kannattaa ehdottomasti ottaa jokaisen yhteislauluillan perusohjelmistoon. Yleisö ei tule pettymään!

Ulkomaisia hittejä mukaan?

Jos pelkkä kotimainen musiikki ei riitä, voi yhteislauluiltaa terävöittää myös ulkomaisella materiaalilla. Näiden laulujen kanssa kannattaa olla kuitenkin tarkkana ja valita vain lauluja, jotka sopivat kaikille ja ovat siis riittävän tunnettuja. Ylivoimaisesti helpoimmat valinnat ovat Elvis ja The Beatles. Elviksen tuotannosta tunnetuimpia kappaleita suomalaisittain ovat varmaankin Love Me Tender ja Always On My Mind, jotka ovat myös helppoja laulettavia. Beatlesin tuotannosta vastaavat kappaleet voisivat olla Let It Be tai ihana Yesterday.

Tulevaisuuden yhteislaulut?

With the very best of today’s hits, you should be relatively careful as the new songs will certainly not work in all of the singing versions. While choosing contemporary artists with a career behind, they get to more familiar songs. For example, Kaija Koo’s classical Tinakenkille Girl and Who Invented Love Worked Certainly Concerted. Jari Sillanpää’s production works well with Satulinna, and for example Maija Vilkkuma Satumaa-tango or Anssi Kela’s Mika’s brazilian BMW will surely get the language of the audience to sing at the concert costumes. Now just have your own list to design and sing!

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